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Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Posted on 30 December, 2014
Do You Accept Credit Cards?

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Many small businesses decided not to use small merchant business accounts to accept credit cards due to the expense of doing business in the past with electronic sales processing, i.e.: debit/credit cards. Other companies never began using this type of business service. Times have changed, and small businesses have found new and simpler ways to accept more forms of payment.

New Technology, Affordable Transactions

Horror stories abound regarding companies that have lost up to 5 percent or their sale in an electronic transaction. Many merchants can’t afford a 5 percent slice off the top of their sales, nor should they have to. However, they would be willing to get on board if the fees were lower. That time has arrived, and more than two-thirds of sales are conducted using a debit or credit card.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity

Increasing the sales of a business is the goal of every owner and manager. Tweaking numbers to make the bottom line requires give and take, but adding a readily available income producer can ease some of the give when dealing with the sales of a company. New forms of money transfer methods have facilitated the way we do handle our money, and the fees have made using these sales mediums cost effective.

Easy to Use Point of Sale

PayPal offers an account free, and customers can use their services for incoming or outgoing transactions, which will enable the business to accept this form of sale. Intuit Go Payment gives companies the ability to accept credit cards from anyone; anywhere that cell service is available. The small payment of 1.75% per transaction eases the cost and makes it a viable solution for point of sales service for businesses.

Other services such as the square credit card reader also offer a card scanner that is used on mobile devices, enabling point of sale transactions anywhere. Their fixed fee per transaction is 1 percent higher; however, those fees in the past have been upwards to 5 percent, which was more than some small businesses were willing to bear.

Affordable Access

With the days of hardwiring a card reader behind us, accepting sales from credit and debit cardholders is as simple as ever. Incorporating the acceptance of these payment methods can bolster the sales of a company and help them meet their monthly marketing goals.

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Bad credit merchant account credit card processing services

Accept all major credit cards

Regardless of Credit History!