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Adult Merchant Accounts

The adult entertainment industry has the potential to make money. If it didn’t, businesses wouldn’t be able to sell items in the different areas of the industry. These areas include adult online dating services, toys, items, and services.

While the field is legal, issues can come up that may result in merchant account services deciding not to open credit card processing accounts for those people who work in adult entertainment. Learn what it takes to run a business in this industry. Plus, find out how a high-risk merchant account could help business owners in this industry.

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Merchant accounts for adult websites

Why Does This Industry Need High-Risk Card Services?

Adult entertainment tends to use business models with a higher risk of refunds and illegal credit card use. Companies that offer services by phone or online must rely on “not present” credit card sales.

Of course, customers might use stolen cards, but sellers won’t be able to verify that honesty by phone or online. A sale without a card present may mean that a store never sees the card and must take a customer’s word at face value.

Different business models also tend to up refund risks. Some payment systems for these business models include the following:

Services that are payment by the minute and by subscription create many charges in a particular time frame. Running many high-dollar sales comes with a higher risk of bad cards. A bad card might have an invalid number. Also, the card could be expired or canceled. Sometimes, the payment gateway finds a stolen card in a batch and returns the card and all other bad cards.

As a result, a seller needs to find the rejected sales, contact the customers and hope that honest mistakes are to blame. If not, the company uses out-of-pocket expenses for lost time, items, and money.

Who’s to Blame for Bad Purchases?

Although you can easily label some of the issues as simple mistakes, those mistakes are not always enough.

A merchant account servicer makes a seller put proper rules in place before he charges sales on cards. Sometimes, problems come up even when a company makes sure the sale is valid. Refunds are an issue for anyone, but adult entertainment attracts a fair share of them.

Reimbursement issues also come up when customers decide they didn’t like what they bought. Customers might argue their charges, and their best e-commerce credit card processing companies may favor them.

Some customers may want their products, but they feel the price is too high. As a result, they use theft to get what they want. Stealing is frustrating for the company and the merchant account servicer. But, for business, little can be done.

In turn, low-risk merchant account servicers don’t want to deal with these issues. They won’t wait to close accounts with too many refunds during a particular time.

Why Do Refunds Cause Problems?

Too many refunds in a short amount of time cause problems for low-risk merchant account servicers.

These servicers may not take issue with the type of items sold, but they don’t like losing money. This risk is one that these companies don’t want to accept. However, a high-risk business operation might face problems getting a merchant services account to accept credit cards.

Why Take Credit Cards?

So why take credit cards? After all, aren’t there other ways to make sales? Yes, but you have to think about some other factors.

The issue is one of convenience and access to a line of credit. People can pay off their purchases over time instead of spending money they already have. When customers have this option, they’ll likely spend more money at any given time. In turn, businesses can increase sales and profits.

Think about credibility as well. Potential customers want to feel confident that a business is serious about doing business and wants to do its best to fill orders. When a business can accept credit card sales, customers can get the feeling that a company has some stability. That trust and confidence can encourage customers to buy more products from the business.

Indeed, trust is something that can’t be overlooked.

Adult entertainment industry merchant accounts

Work With a Merchant Account Servicer That Wants to Work With You

Naturally, opening a merchant account to accept credit card sales is not always easy. As we noted above, a merchant account servicer may not object to the business type. However, a business owner may make an offer for an account but get declined. Often, the reasons for that rejection could be that the merchant account servicer doesn’t want to handle the problems that come with adult entertainment companies.

Our service professionals at High Risk Pay can help business owners get the credit card processing services they need. Regardless of whether most sales take place online or at a physical location, we understand the challenges that arise with running an adult entertainment business.

When you work with High Risk Pay, you won’t find hidden fees or terms in our services. Instead, we offer competitive rates, personalized service, and a willingness to work with a business that operates in the adult entertainment field. We help businesses in this industry by providing a high-risk merchant account solution that will suit various companies and stores that sell a variety of adult entertainment items and services.

We want to see your business succeed, and we want to help you become successful. High Risk Pay offers the professional support to fit almost any business need. In turn, we provide reliable and steady service to the merchants we serve. We won’t close accounts simply because of refund issues or an unusually high volume of sales.

High Risk Pay can offer a high-risk merchant account service to adult entertainment operators who know that certain issues come with their business model. We offer businesses uninterrupted service under these conditions. Contact us to find out how our merchant account services can best meet your needs.

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