Bad Credit Merchant Account Services

Bad credit isn’t a problem. We approve merchant accounts for e-commerce or for credit card processing regardless of credit history.

If you want your business to grow, accepting credit cards is just what you need! Not only is bad credit not a hassle but signing up for a merchant account today comes with many benefits as well such as:

  • Fast approvals
  • No setup and cancellation fees
  • No long-term contract
  • No leases

We approve merchant accounts within 24-48 hours and quick setup once approved. You don’t want to lose another sale all because your business doesn’t accept credit cards, and if you apply today, you will be able to receive a retail credit card terminal.

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Privacy Information: Your contact information will not be used for anything except contacting you regarding the question or comment you have.

Sign Up Now!

With No Setup Fees!

Privacy Information: Your contact information will not be used for anything except contacting you regarding the question or comment you have.

With approval turnaround time ranging between 24 and 48 hours, we make a decision quickly and set up your account immediately upon your approval.

Bad Credit Merchant Account Services

Business owners with a rough credit history or low credit score often have trouble getting merchant accounts. This type of account lets companies accept credit card payments from their customers whether they pay in person or online. There are, in fact, credit card processing options for owners with poor credit. With more people wanting to pay by credit card, it’s worth learning how to get a poor credit merchant account.

Why Bother With Credit Cards?

Studies show that most consumers want to pay for goods and services with plastic. On top of that, they tend to spend more when using a MasterCard or Visa. The consumers’ desire to buy things with their mobile devices further fuels this love of credit card buying. Trends show mobile commerce is growing, especially among Millenials and Gen Xers. That’s why it’s so crucial for business owners to find a way to process credit card orders.

Consider how much online shopping you do. Maybe you use continuity subscription services that send you items that you need monthly, like dog food or toilet paper. Maybe you prefer to shop online yourself.

How difficult would that be if you couldn’t pay with a credit card? Most customers will not continue to shop on a website that does not offer easy payment solutions. After all, shopping online is all about convenience.

To keep your customers coming back, you must accept their credit card payments or e-checks. Without the ability to pay online, your customers will go to your competition, and you may lose them forever. However, with a bad credit merchant account, you can accept credit cards and keep your relationship with your customers in good standing.

Consider the subscription model again. It relies on the ability to accept online payments and charge customers every month. Without easy payment, this business model wouldn’t be possible, and you could lose loyal customers. Instead, a merchant account can ensure those sales every month so that you can focus on growing the business while the money comes in.

Ways to Accept Credit Cards

You’ll be happy to know there are merchant account suppliers that help high-risk clients. The processors that offer this service work with businesses that are in travele-cigarettesdrugs, and adult material. Collection agencies also can get accounts from high-risk processors as can companies that need to process many credit card payments, like telemarketers. Also, these high-risk merchant account companies work closely with business owners who have a poor credit history.

The Competitive Fees of Merchant Accounts

At, bad credit isn’t a problem. We open accounts for merchants whose personal credit would cause a quick refusal from traditional processors. With approvals done in 24 to 48 hours, we act fast and set up your account as soon as we approve you. We think getting an account should be easy.

Managing credit card processing services for high-risk business owners is our strong suit. You don’t have to worry about scaring us with financial horror stories from your past. It’s important that you’re truthful in your application, no matter how cringe-worthy your past is. We need a total view of your money struggles to process your request. As a merchant account provider for businesses with poor credit, we rely on our clients, to be honest. It ensures we’re able to follow underwriting rules. We’re proud of our 95 percent approval rate for bad credit merchant accounts because it shows we want to work with most business owners.

There are many reasons a business owner has bad credit. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, and missed payments hurt your chances with other merchant account providers. Also, past liens and judgments against you create big black marks on your credit record. Not even such grave situations cause us to reject you out of hand when you apply for a bad credit merchant account with us.

Steep Fees Aren’t a Given

Some high-risk account providers offset their risk by charging high fees to for applications, account set-up, and canceling service. Others may force retailers to sign a multi-year contract. Getting out of the contract may result in significant fees. uses none of these practices because we don’t want to create hurdles for clients who’ve had money problems.

Some business owners may want to have someone with good credit as their co-signer when they apply for a poor credit merchant account. While this takes away the risk for the supplier, it’s not required for companies that work with people who have poor credit. At, we favorably review most applications. It doesn’t matter if you have a co-signer. is one of the leading High Risk Merchant Account providers of credit card processing & payment gateways to businesses with bad credit.


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