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High risk merchant accounts: credit card merchant processing services for high-risk businesses
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  • 95% Approval Rate
  • No Application or Setup Fees
  • 24-hour approval
  • Chargeback Prevention Program
  • Our high risk merchant account services won the Best Processor award from TopCreditCardProcessors.com
  • Our high risk merchant account services is PCI Complient


  • High Volume, Telemarketing
  • Adult, Travel, Collection Agencies
  • Pharmaceutical, E-cig, Continuity
  • MLM, Credit Repair, Mail Order

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  • 95% Approval Rate
  • Low Credit Score
  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure
  • New Credit Accepted

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Chargeback Prevention Program

  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Reduce fraud
  • Contest and win chargebacks
  • Recover lost sales

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High Risk Merchant Accounts
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Whether you’re in a high-risk industry or deal in high volumes, you need a way to process credit card payments. We specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts to a wide range of businesses. Our expertise in this area allows us to work with business owners who have bad credit, companies with offshore or international interests, and businesses facing any other challenge that negatively impacts their ability to accept credit cards.

High Risk Pay allows you to open a high risk merchant account and process credit card payments a mere 48 hours after our staff approves your application. We know how critical it is for businesses, especially those classified as high risk, to accept credit card payments from their customers. Put simply: it’s table stakes.

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