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Is There an Acceptable Level of Chargebacks?

Is There an Acceptable Level of Chargebacks?

Posted on 12 August, 2016

The major credit card companies watch for the number of chargebacks businesses have each month. Using this information and other data, the credit card issuers consider the level of risk that comes from doing business with each merchant. While having no chargebacks is ideal, credit card companies understand that a minimal number of chargebacks is inevitable. For high-risk […]

Explaining Electronic Check Processing

Explaining Electronic Check Processing

Posted on 11 August, 2016

In a consumer marketplace where credit and debit card usage is on the rise, businesses need to be able to accept plastic as a form of payment. However, a lesser-used option is electronic check, or e-check, processing. Business owners who have high-risk merchant account services may want to allow customers to expand their payment options […]

Understanding Chargeback Reason Codes

Understanding Chargeback Reason Codes

Posted on 10 August, 2016

Every chargeback occurs for a reason, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what that reason is. To make sure that your business runs smoothly, you should understand the reasons behind chargebacks and know how to fix the problem right away. Credit card companies such as MasterCard and Visa use reason codes to display the reason for a chargeback. The codes […]

Don't Get on the MATCH List

Don’t Get on the MATCH List

Posted on 9 August, 2016

The MATCH list is a place no business that needs merchant services wants to be. It’s a list of processing accounts that were terminated for various reasons, but primarily because the business itself is a high-risk operation. Once on this list, the business can’t get a merchant account from the providers that use the MATCH […]

Don't Fund Your Startup on a Credit Card

Don’t Fund Your Startup Using Credit Cards

Posted on 8 August, 2016

Credit cards make it easy to get access to money, but at a price. Their allure becomes high when traditional lenders won’t talk to you about getting a small business loan. Maybe you don’t have good credit, or maybe it’s because you don’t have much of a business history. Either way, you want to get […]

Credit Reports- They're All Connected

Credit Reports: They’re All Connected

Posted on 7 August, 2016

Many people don’t think twice about applying for a new business card, believing that what they do on their business credit card won’t be reflected on their personal credit report. However, this belief is far from reality. Contents1 Business Credit Card Activity Can Affect Your Credit Score2 Choose a Bank That Doesn’t Report the Business […]