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How a Capped Reserve Works

Capped or Upfront Reserve: Which Is Better?

Posted on 18 July, 2016

As you shop around for a high-risk merchant account service provider, you’ll find that processors typically require businesses to set up a reserve. Think of the reserve as a monetary cushion that insulates the processor from the risk that comes with many chargebacks and other problems that require a refund to the consumer. Here’s a […]

Who Pays When You've Experienced Fraud?

Who Pays When You’ve Experienced Credit Card Fraud?

Posted on 13 July, 2016

Credit card fraud is a serious problem for businesses of all sizes. When someone uses a stolen credit card, the business ultimately suffers the loss: The credit card–issuing bank refunds the money to the customer, then requests the refunded amount from the company that processed the credit card. While larger businesses are capable of absorbing […]

What Is a Payment Gateway

The Ins and Outs of Payment Gateways

Posted on 12 July, 2016

When you set up an online store, one of the first things you must do is enable payments so you can start selling products and services to your customers. The first steps are to apply for a high-risk merchant account and to choose a high-risk payment gateway that integrates smoothly with that account and your […]

Why Disputing Chargebacks Is Worth the Trouble

Making Chargeback Disputes Cost Effective

Posted on 11 July, 2016

When business owners choose to accept credit card payments, they’re providing their customers with a convenient way to pay. However, problems arise when customers ask their credit card company to issue a refund. Regardless of why customers want their money back, it’s time-consuming and expensive for a company with a high-risk merchant account to dispute […]

What Is a CVV Code

How CVV Codes Can Help You

Posted on 8 July, 2016

For making online purchases, most websites require customers to input the CVV code located on the back of their debit or credit card as an extra security measure after typing in the 15- or 16-digit credit card number. This is something that you as a merchant should require for online store transactions because it can […]

To Dispute or Not Dispute

Could Disputing Chargebacks Hurt Customer Loyalty?

Posted on 7 July, 2016

Chargebacks can fuel nightmares for businesses. Perhaps the business is at fault, but perhaps theft is to blame. Regardless of the root of the problem, the business needs to dispute the charge. Failing to dispute charges can mean lost money, product, and time, along with a not-so-happy merchant service provider. However, some businesses resist arguing […]