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How eCommerce Merchants can Enhance PCI DSS for Customers

Posted on 18 June, 2014

How eCommerce Merchants can Enhance Credit Card Security for CustomersWhen customers shop online, they should feel safe and comfortable during the checkout process. An e-commerce merchant should take the necessary steps to secure credit card information that is used to make purchases online.

Meeting Industry Standards

Online stores must take steps to meet official standards set up by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, often abbreviated as PCI DSS, which is managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. This organization creates different criteria for merchants that sell items online as well as in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Owners of e-commerce stores should stay up-to-date with the latest news relating to PCI DSS. Compliance with this organization gives customers some peace of mind when it comes to safe credit card payments. In fact, the PCI DSS has more relevance and significance than the BBB when it comes to online payment processing.

As a matter of fact, some of the world’s largest credit card companies have formed compliance agreements with the PCI DSS. Such a relationship puts pressure on small online businesses to follow industry standards in payment processing.

Cyber Security for Payment Processing

Online stores should use the latest forms of cyber security to protect the personal and financial information of customers. For example, databases of clients’ credit cards could be stored on third-party servers that do not host the online stores. Therefore, all of the credit card data cannot be stolen even if an e-commerce site gets hacked somehow.

If an online store decides to host a shopping cart on the same server as the store Web pages, then security measures such as Secure Socket Layer certificates should be used. Encryption of credit card data is another tool that is used to prevent the theft of data from online store databases.

Tokenization of Data

In the cyber security world, Tokenization has become a widespread practice. This method involves converting credit card data into generic data known as “tokens.” The virtual tokens are essentially empty pockets of files that cannot be decoded even if they are hacked somehow.
Tokenization is a powerful tool that is now used by payment-processing systems worldwide to improve cyber security. Major retailers are quickly adopting this new technology to prevent security breaches. Web-hosting specialists can help e-commerce merchants set up “tokens” as substitutes for personal credit card information that has been collected from online purchases.

Private Information Security Protects Businesses

Online merchants can take advantage of the latest cyber security technology to safeguard sensitive credit card information. It is important for e-commerce webmasters to establish relationships with payment-processing companies, Web hosts, cyber-security experts and organizations like the PCI Security Standards Council.

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Bad credit merchant account credit card processing services

Accept all major credit cards

Regardless of Credit History!