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High Risk Merchant
A high risk merchant is one who may experience a higher than average rate of returns, payment fraud, customer disputes, and chargebacks. Some common high risk industries include: e-commerce, adult services, and pharmaceutical sales.
High Risk Merchant Account
A high risk merchant account is one that is used on an e-commerce site to accept payments for processing, for certain high risk industries, or bad credit merchant accounts, off-shore merchants who might have difficulty working with merchant account providers that will only work with lower risk industries.
Merchant Account
A merchant account is an account that an e-commerce website has with a provider of services where people can submit payment to a bank and make a purchase directly from the shop or online store.
Mobile Payment Solutions
A mobile payment solution is a tool or service that allows the customer to pay for goods and services on the go. An example of a mobile payment option is using Square on an iPad so cardholders can swipe to pay no matter the location.
Offshore Merchant Accounts
An offshore merchant account is an account primarily for e-commerce merchants to process online transactions in a non-resident country.

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