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Authorization occurs when a card issuing bank responds to a merchant’s transaction authorization request indicating that payment information is valid, and there are funds available on the customer’s card to pay for goods or services received. In some cases, this is called an Approval.
A consumer with a credit or debit card in their name that allows them to make purchases in person and online.
Cost per Swipe
The cost per swipe fee, or interchange fee, is the amount of money added to a transaction by the card-issuing bank when a customer pays by credit card. For most credit card transactions, the interchange fee is between 2-3% of the total charge.
Card Fees
A card fee is any charge beyond a set rate that may be implemented for merchants or consumers as part of the payment transaction process.

High-Risk Industries

High-risk industries are those that have been labeled high risk due to the likelihood of transactions falling through, credit card fraud, or other potential issues. Some industries that fall under the umbrella of high risk are e-commerce, adult websites, pharmaceutical, and start-ups.

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