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High Risk Merchant Account and Credit Card Processing

A high risk merchant account is suitable for businesses, also known as high risk merchants that sell items belonging to areas, such as adult entertainment, online gambling sites, ticket sales, and even prescription drugs available online. While the products sold and services provided are completely legal, these items come with a higher risk of theft.

Major credit card processors tend to stay away from giving high risk businesses the power to process credit cards because of possible false refunds and stolen cards. These credit firms also want to avoid the issues that come with a high risk merchant account. Some card processing companies feel they’ll lose larger customers if they offer high risk card processing services.

How To Know If Your Trade Is A High Risk Merchant?

With our high-risk merchant account services, we will provide your high-risk business with a payment gateway so you can now start accepting online credit card payments .

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The Risks of Accepting Credit Cards

High Risk Merchant Accounts - High-Risk Merchant Accounts for Many Business Types

For a business to make even more sales and profits, especially online, a business owner needs to accept credit card payments. Otherwise, customers may go somewhere else to buy the product or get the service they require. Ask yourself if lost sales are worth not giving credit card processing a shot, or is using an undependable external processor really worth it? Sadly, customers can buy products without paying for them. They may use stolen credit card numbers and later deny the charges that took place. For a business, the result is loss of income and products in cases where credit card banks back up their customers, especially if you are a high risk merchant.

While these situations are common for any operation that accepts credit as a form of payment, some industries come with more risks than others. Credit card processing companies like to limit their exposure. Some won’t offer high-risk merchant accounts to businesses. You could be in a tight spot to keep your customers happy and your profits high. Fortunately, many people who buy goods and services with a credit card intend to pay for their purchases. Not all credit card transactions are fraudulent. But, a Five percent return rate is too high for many banks or credit card processing companies. Take note that banks can close a merchant account that has too many refunds and stolen cards during a certain amount of time. 

High Risk Merchant Accounts - High-Risk Merchant Accounts for Many Business Types

Even if 95 percent of the credit card processing history has gone through without problems, the risk is still too high. The amount is not enough for a credit card company to keep the account open. In turn, the business loses the ability to continue payment processing with credit cards when the high risk merchants account closes.

The Perks of Accepting Credit Cards

Why should you open a high risk merchant account, especially given the trouble that could come with payment processing using credit cards? While you can boost your sales, turnover, and profits by accepting credit cards, you gain more as a business owner. You add a layer of respectability, convenience, and trust to your business.

Also, a business that accepts credit cards appears to be credible and well-established to customers. Mainly because you are capable of providing convenience and several payment options to your consumers—this is especially true to e commerce merchants. Plus, this will assure your buyers that you’re willing to help them throughout the sales process.

Accepting credit cards can also increase your customer base. You’re no longer restricted to your home area or region to sell your products and market your services. With a high-risk merchant account, you can reach customers that live all-across the country and even around the world. If you’re looking to scale your profit and grow your business in general, accepting credit as a form of payment can be the first step.

eCommerce Credit Card Processing

The Competitive Fees of High Risk Merchant Accounts

What about setup fee, termination fee, and other merchant account fees, high-risk merchant accounts can have higher taxes and restrictions on it. We don’t punish customers for being in a business that presents a greater risk for more theft or refunds request compared to other business types.

Through, high-risk merchant account fees are similar to traditional card processors. In return, you as a business owner, can take advantage of many ways to accept credit cards for payment procwssing. You’ll have the pleasure of serving your customers, and you make transactions convenient for them. Read more; What is a merchant account for e commerce businesses.

High Risk Merchant Accounts - High-Risk Merchant Accounts for Many Business Types

Why It's Difficult to Do Business Without a Merchant Account That Is High Risk for Card Processing?

In an economy based on best ecommerce merchant services, high risk merchants that can’t take credit cards as a form of payment have a weakness. If conventional processors or lenders think your merchant services are high risk and won’t give you an account, you’re not out of luck. A high risk merchant account, such as the ones offered by High Risk Pay, give you the opportunity to accept cards and harness benefits of such a payment method without having to break the bank. Take the time to think about what a high risk merchant account can offer for you, especially when it comes to aiding your business needs. Remember, a merchant account can help you give your customers multiple payment solutions or  options.

Your business may be in a high risk industry, but you gain respect and trustworthiness when you can accept different payment methods, especially  credit cards. Customers view you as a reputable business, and they are more willing to buy products and services or use. When your business has the support of a high risk merchant services provider, you can be confident about reaching more of your customer base and making your consumers happy. A high risk merchant account can mean the difference between making sales and abandoned shopping carts.

High Risk Merchant Accounts - High-Risk Merchant Accounts for Many Business Types

Who We Help

We are a team of high-risk merchant account providers composed of talented experts in the payments industry, especially when it comes to credit terminals and credit scores. We can help you find payment solutions for any business:

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Enterprise
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Ecommerce merchants

High Risk Industries and Business Types We Serve

Your business is unique, and your high risk payment gateway should be, too. No matter what industry you’re in, we have payment and retail solutions for you so that you can serve your customers satisfactorily and keep them coming back for more.

  • eCommerce
  • Travel agencies
  • E cigarettes and vape shops
  • Online pharmacies
  • And more!

High Risk Merchant Account: Payment Gateway vs. Merchant Account

If you’re an eCommerce merchant, you’ve most likely heard of both payment gateways, and high risk accounts for merchants. In fact, you need both to effectively run your online business and take payments from your valued customers.

High Risk Merchant Account: Credit Card Payment Processing & Gateway

payment gateway is a technology that connects high risk merchants and payment networks. It integrates with your online store so that you have more online credit card processing services and capabilities. It then captures payments for transactions and transmits  information to a payment processor or acquiring bank. An approved or declined message is then sent to the merchant account. Not all payment processors are created equally, however. Many go beyond their standard function and offer other merchant services:

Multiple Payment Methods

Many customers now shop online with Paypal, eWallets, and other payment processors so it’s important to have more than just an online credit card terminal or payment gateway.

Fraud Protection

Every time online businesses accept payments online, they are at risk. If your fraud level gets high, your business may be negatively impacted by chargeback ratios, fees, and penalties. Payment gateways with strong fraud detection can prevent these problems.

Recurring Billing

Many businesses use a subscription merchant services model so that they can continue to deliver quality customer service and experience. High-risk credit card processing solutions can make running your business much easier by setting up and managing automated billing, sending out payment reminders, and even setting up customizable billing plans.

Payment Analytics

Having detailed data about payments can help you make better and more informed business decisions. Your payment gateway for high risk host merchant service will give you access to a variety of payment analytics. These reports can show you which credit  card processing solutions your consumers favor or which payment processes they typically encounter trouble with.

Best High-Risk Merchant Accounts Provider

Running your business can be difficult if you can only accept cash. Getting a merchant account can be difficult for some types of companies, which is why you need to work with a company that offers high-risk merchant account services that will help you ease the processing rates and processing costs, and allow you to get quick and easy access to the processing history.

Obtaining pre approval and final approval for a high-risk merchant account typically takes a lot longer than one for low risk merchants. Approving high risk accounts requires extensive investigation into credit and business history, which is why instant approval is so important.

Instant approval typically takes around 24-48 hours, which is a lot faster than many other timeframes for merchant accounts. Instant approval can be extremely beneficial for businesses that need to be able to take credit cards online. Since it can be difficult for people to purchase a product without a card of any kind, merchants processors are important for high risk merchants so that they can make more sales better.

Frequently Asked Questions about
High-Risk Merchant & Payment Processing

What is a high risk merchant account?

A high risk merchant account is a bank account or payment agreement that is connected to a business that is considered high-risk. The business itself is not a risk and may offer completely legal products, but the products are associated with higher levels of theft and fraud, which makes them a risk.

What is considered a high-risk business?

A high-risk business is one that sells items that are legal but have a high risk of theft or fraud. These businesses can include online tobacco and cigarette sales, e cigarettes and vape shops, adult entertainment venues, eCommerce businesses, debt collection agencies, non-licensed ticket brokers, and fantasy sports websites.

What is a high-risk payment?

A high-risk payment is a payment that has been sent to a high-risk business or is being processed for a high risk merchant to buy their products. These payments have a higher possibility of being returned or canceled. These chargebacks cannot always be processed.