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High Volume Merchant Account and Large Transaction Credit Card Processing

Merchant accounts often come with a processing limit. When opening a high volume merchant account, the merchant account provider asks you for a daily transaction average and expects you to stay under that amount. Such a system protects both the provider and the credit card–issuing bank. The more cards processed, the greater the risk of a bad transaction or a refund. But this limit doesn’t help you as your business grows or if you find that customers make large purchases. Here’s where a high volume merchant account is critical.

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What is a High-Volume Merchant Account?

When you have high volume sales, it’s a blessing. After all, more sales mean more profits for any type of business. However, when your customers are paying primarily with credit cards, businesses may run into problems.

Businesses may deal with unusual numbers of fraudulent transactionschargebacks, and fraud. Basically, the more sales coming in, the higher the risk for problems. For this reason, many financial institutions and the largest credit card processors turn these merchants away, which negatively impacts the entire business. If you can no longer accept credit card payments, you run the risk of losing everything.

For high-volume merchants, the best thing to do to continue to accept credit cards is to turn to a high-risk credit card processor for a high volume merchant account. Those that choose to continue to work with other financial institutions may find that their accounts become frozen; there are data security liabilities and irregular payment schedules.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to work with a credit card processor like High Risk Pay to obtain a high-volume merchant account. We specialize in high-risk merchant accounts and back you up with the experience necessary to keep your enterprise accepting credit cards and maximizing profits.

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When merchants obtain a merchant account, you must be able to accept credit and debit card payments from customers. This is important for those who work exclusively online and over the phone. If your products are available online, it’s absolutely crucial that your customers can complete their transactions.

To be eligible for a high volume merchant account, businesses must process at least $100,000 per month. Here are the types of businesses that can benefit from a high-risk merchant account

  • Property management companies processing monthly rental payments
  • Merchants with recurring annual or monthly fees
  • Subscription-based companies that ship products monthly
  • Merchants with recurrent membership fees
  • Online businesses that sell downloads

Merchants that have multiple single transactions per day need a secure method for accepting credit card payments. We pride ourselves on working with high-risk merchants and high-volume businesses. See more about High Risk merchant payment processor.

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The Application Process of Large Volume Merchant Accounts

To begin the application process, you’ll need to fill out our quick and easy online application. We guarantee a streamlined process; however, we cannot guarantee the acceptance of your application. Your acceptance will depend on a number of our underwriting guidelines.

In addition to the application, you will need to send us the following documents:

  • A government-issued ID or driver’s license
  • A voided check
  • An operational website
  • Recent bank statements
  • Recent processing statements, if applicable
  • Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The Underwriting Process of Large-Volume, High-Volume Merchant Accounts

Our underwriters will review every merchant account and their applications. We look for legal and responsible businesses that don’t carry an unnecessary risk for us. As long as you comply with all of the rules and regulations, you will most likely be accepted.

Risk is determined by reviewing your credit scores, credit card processing history, bank statements, and websites where you’ll be selling your goods or services. These are checked by all of the merchant processors because they can help underwriters determine whether or not your business has everything in place to succeed.

Outstanding bills, a previously terminated merchant account, and negative bank balances can all lead to a declined application. However, your past doesn’t have to define the future of your business when you work with the best credit card merchant account companies.

Getting Approved for High Volume Merchant Accounts

Our underwriters will also take a look at your website to ensure that it has an SSL, is easy to understand, and displays privacy and refund policies.

To help your application get approval, make sure that you have some savings in the bank, and no outstanding bills or debts. The stakeholder with the best credit history should also be the one to apply for a merchant account, since bad credit merchant account may affect the outcome.

You will also need to share the most accurate transaction volume estimates during this process. This will prevent you from having your account suspended or shut down. Once you build trust with processors, it’s easier to work together to be able to accept unlimited processing large volumes.

Don’t rush the process. Taking the time to make sure your company is viewed in its best light will help you get accepted much more quickly. While you may have some issues you can’t change, like having your previous account terminated, you should still make sure that you do everything you can to ensure that your application gets accepted.

High-risk business may be given merchant accounts with monthly credit card processing volume caps. This is put in place by the processor so that they can monitor you more effectively.


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Merchants are only permitted to handle a specified number of credit card transactions per month if this is the case. Once the cap is reached, you can no longer accept credit cards for that month. Unfortunately, not being able to take credit cards for any amount of time can seriously hinder an organization.

High-volume merchants given capped transactions have the opportunity to raise them over time. They can request new large volume caps in as little as three months. It’s important that merchants are able to prove that they pay their bills, have low chargeback ratios, and have been saving money.

Benefits of Working with High Risk Pay

We have a 95% approval rate of applications. No matter what industry you’re in, you can find a high volume merchant account that works for you. While we can’t guarantee your acceptance, we can give you some tips to give you your best chance.

There’s no application or set-up fee. The only fees you’ll pay are for the credit card processing once your merchant account has been set up. We also do not charge you for contacting us if you need help or have questions about our services. Our dedicated team of specialists is here to help you whenever you need us!

You can find out whether or not you were approved within 24 hours so you can start growing your business as soon as possible. If you are not approved, we can work with you to help you get approved on your next try.

Chargebacks can have serious implications on your merchant account. By mitigating the risk of chargebacks, we can help you keep your account in good standing so that you can continue to accept credit cards and keep customers coming back.

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What’s the Difference

Difference Between high Volume & High Risk

A high volume merchant account gets treated much the same as a high-risk cheap e-commerce merchant account, especially when average sales are regularly higher than expected. The same is true when businesses that have recently opened their accounts haven’t established a transaction history or demonstrated reliability to a traditional merchant services provider. In particular cases, the provider might cite these as reasons not to trust a new account with a high limit.

How CC Theft Affects the Business

Credit card theft is an ongoing problem. What’s more, it is a hard one to stop. Protection is improving, but thieves still manage to find ways around the strictest security measures. Since the use of credit cards to buy goods isn’t going to go away, merchant services providers come up with the means to lower their exposure to theft. One way of doing so is to leave retailers to deal with the results of theft.

Many credit card purchases are above board, and most cardholders don’t aim to steal from a business. The few who do use cards with intent to steal tend to make multiple purchases of high-dollar items. They continue to do so until a cardholder or bank determines that a card is in the hands of a thief.

If the activity isn’t caught soon, the business could be left with no recourse. The same happens with refunds. Low-risk providers prefer safety. They are typically loath to let a merchant account owner have a high limit without proof that such a limit won’t pose undue risk.

When Daily Sales Fluctuate Widely

As mentioned, when you apply for a high volume merchant account, you’ll estimate your average daily transactions. If you feel that your daily average is on the high side, you can ask for an upper limit. But The problem is that you most likely won’t get the limit you ask for even though you’ll need a high-volume merchant services account. Several reasons can result in this denial, including the following:

  • Poor personal credit history
  • Relatively new business
  • Little to no banking or credit history for business
  • Product is not on premises

Some companies process multiple payments on one day each month. Others do so every other month, quarter, or year. These types of businesses need a high-volume e-commerce merchant account provider that understands how they run — and that knows that card denials are likely to happen. Some of these firms include the following:

  • Gyms and health clubs that process membership dues once a month
  • Companies that offer a single product on a set schedule throughout the year
  • Property management companies that accept monthly rents
  • Products sold by monthly subscription, such as a magazine

What Happens When Volume Is High

A high volume merchant account (usually large volume businesses) is treated the same as high-risk merchant accounts because the risk of fraud is greater in both. However, a merchant account provider might raise the limit if the business goes over the limit for the day. The provider might temporarily increase the limit to allow the transactions to process, then lower the limit again for the next day. This action is made with the understanding that every merchant has a high volume or large volume day periodically. However, such a high period of activity isn’t expected again for some time.

While this action might seem generous on the high volume merchant account provider’s part, it doesn’t help a business that sees a surge in ticket sales for a pricey product. Read more: How to Speed Up the Delivery Process

When Time Is of the Essence

A large volume business needs a high-volume merchant account. But when sometimes a product moves off shelves as soon as it’s stocked. In such a case, a business doesn’t always have time to set up a relationship with a merchant services provider on the fly. Also, time pressures might not allow the business owner to improve a personal credit score.

A high-risk merchant account may need a balance kept in an account to cover refunds. This balance makes sure that the provider and bank aren’t out their money for any longer than necessary. Leaving a balance in an account can keep them happy, but the business may write off the income even though the money is still in the account.

Serving Your Customers

You want to make sales easy for your clients. But you also want your merchant account provider to treat you fairly. After all, the ability to process credit cards without worrying about account closure is itself a form of freedom. The best solution to this problem is to work with a high-risk merchant services provider. You want one that understands that high-volume or large volume comes with a greater potential for unwanted customers. Read more: How to Take Charge Of Your Inventory

When an account holder’s income exceeds the limit for too many days, the provider has the right to close the account. But since you have no control over how much product gets sold each day, you may feel as though the provider is punishing you for your success.

Have you thought about working with a high-risk merchant services provider to avoid account closure? A high-risk merchant account provider knows that theft and refunds are more likely with a high-volume merchant account credit card processing account. Such a vendor can have more tolerance for the issues that your business may face.

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    Accept Credit Card Payments!

    APPLY TODAY for a merchant account online and pay NO application fee and NO setup fee.

    Privacy Information: Your contact information will not be used for anything except contacting you regarding the question or comment you have.