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How Facebook’s Recent Changes Can Affect Your Company Page – And Your Bottom Line

Posted on 12 August, 2013

Facebook can be a boon for businesses. Creating a company page allows organizations to interact directly with customers, field complaints, and familiarize the public with the brand as a whole. Social media has dramatically changed the marketing landscape for businesses globally.

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, however, has long been a bit of a mystery. Certain revelations have come to light in the past year; Like the fact that photos tend to rank higher than stand-alone links, and updating a profile picture or cover photo is considered a significant action that can boost engagement with your page. But for the most part, Facebook insiders have been quite secretive about the factors that contribute to the algorithmic success of a post.

Now, in the wake of some recent changes, those in-the-know are finally clarifying just how the algorithm accounts for user preferences.

Facebook’s recent tweaks encourage users to like items and interact with posts in the newsfeed that are older, rather than just pushing out all current content. Older but favorite posts are meant to keep users engaged with the newsfeed for longer (thereby increasing exposure to ads).

Calibrating the never-ending flow of information is a constant challenge for Facebook and every other social network, states an industry expert. But merely displaying statuses in reverse chronological order, without an emphasis on importance or popularity, is outdated and uninteresting. It doesn’t hook the user.

So, when it comes to the updated newsfeed, businesses would be wise to take these changes into consideration when posting and interacting with the site. If anything, the new newsfeed emphasizes quality content. No longer must organizations push out mundane posts by the hour to stay top of mind for Facebook users. Now, a well-crafted post promoting quality content can linger on the newsfeed and engage far more individuals than ever before.

This is useful for Facebook users, and it’s great for business.

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Bad credit merchant account credit card processing services

Accept all major credit cards

Regardless of Credit History!