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How Tech is Changing the Landscape of Small Business

Posted on 24 June, 2014
How Tech is Changing the Landscape of Small Business

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The high-tech age is benefiting small businesses across the United States and internationally. Smart entrepreneurs need to integrate the latest digital technology to be successful on a local, regional, or global stage. How exactly is tech changing the landscape of small business?

Expanding the Customer Base

The Internet makes it possible for small businesses to sell their services and products beyond a brick-and-mortar store in a local community. In other words, small enterprises are not limited by geography anymore. Thanks to e-commerce platforms, online stores can ship merchandise anywhere in the world and remain profitable. Similarly, e-commerce websites allow some small businesses to sell subscriptions and other virtual services that require payments.

Improving Telecommunication

Small businesses can rely on the latest advances in telecommunications to improve sales and customer service. For example, Voice-over-IP technology is a much more reliable form of communication compared to traditional phone lines. Similarly, high-speed Internet access is available thanks to fiber-optic cables. These days, a business does not have to subscribe to a local Internet service provider. It’s possible to shop around for regional companies that provide reliable connections at fast speeds. With bundle packages, telecommunication companies also offer affordable plans on Internet and voice subscriptions for small businesses.

Cloud Networks

Years ago, workers could only accomplish their job assignments in an office. Thanks to cloud networks, it is possible to get work-related tasks done from any Internet-enabled device. Cloud accounts essentially store important digital content that can be downloaded, edited and uploaded easily. With such advanced technology, a small business owner can be on vacation and still be able to work whenever possible. Cloud accounts also help small businesses improve cyber security through features such as automatic file backup, disaster recovery, and encrypted data transfers.

Mobile Technology

Small businesses need to realize the tremendous benefits that come from mobile technology. Modern consumers use their smartphones to browse the Web and search for local services and products. Small enterprises need to capture a local market of mobile phone users. Traditional advertising funds should be allocated mostly towards online marketing for cellphone platforms. These days, custom mobile apps can be developed and then made available for download on top marketplaces such as Android and Apple iTunes. Additionally, mobile technology helps small-business owners track down a fleet of vehicles as well as employees through real-time GPS signals. There is also an array of useful mobile apps that different small businesses can take advantage of to improve service and performance.

IT Makes the Business

The core of any modern businesses is Information Technology. Contemporary enterprises must understand the importance of digital devices and the Internet in today’s global economy.

When small business owners fail to get on board with the latest technology, they are doing themselves – and more importantly, their business – a disservice. Tech is truly changing the business environment every step of the way. Embrace software and programs that help you run your company more efficiently.

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Bad credit merchant account credit card processing services

Accept all major credit cards

Regardless of Credit History!