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The Benefits of Remote Workers for Small Business Success

Posted on 28 February, 2013

You’ve no doubt heard about Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer’s declaration that all remote employees will be required to work from a physical company location starting in June. The backlash has been fierce. Many claim that her views are outdated, smug, and insulting to those who work remotely. For a tech company like Yahoo to insinuate that the available technology doesn’t offer a similar working experience to those in an office is deemed backward and close-minded.

It’s true, though that every company is different. No two organizations are exactly alike in their missions and underlying values. Yahoo has seen disappointing earnings year over year, and Marisa Mayer was hired as the golden girl who could potentially breathe life back into the dwindling empire. She needed to make a stand.

But is this rigid rule the right move?

It is risky, to be sure.

For many organizations, especially tech companies, start-ups, and small businesses, a remote workforce allows for minimized costs, global collaboration, and expert input that otherwise couldn’t occur. Most banks and merchant account providers are as comfortable funding mobile start-ups as they are a brick and mortar shops these days; in some cases more so!

The Internet allows us to connect with so many people, streamline data systems, and optimize payment solutions like never before. For many employees, working from home is as easy as signing up for high-speed Internet and buying a laptop (if they didn’t already have access to these forms of technology).

Studies show that remote workers:

  • Face fewer distractions
  • Experience better work/life balance
  • Demonstrate increased productivity
  • Maintain a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

Clearly the general outlook on working from home is positive, so entrepreneurs and small business owners would be wise to consider it as an option for their employees.

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Bad credit merchant account credit card processing services

Accept all major credit cards

Regardless of Credit History!