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Online Gambling

Online gambling websites offer incredible capabilities for the generation of revenue and profit. However, few traditional credit or debit card transaction processors are willing to take on the risk due to the high number of charge-backs and the potential for fraudulent activity.

In order for an online gambling business to serve its customers to the best possible level, business owners should set up a high risk merchant account, which benefits the owners of online gambling services by offering the ability to process large numbers of transactions without astronomical fees. A high-risk merchant account does rapid validation to ensure the safety and legitimacy of each transaction. There will be an analysis of multiple databases for verification of the following:

  • Address
  • Funds
  • CVV2

The entire verification and validation process takes place in fractions of a second. The customer will not even realize that the online gambling venue is performing these extra checks during the payment process.

A high risk merchant account also protects the online gambling business owner from credit card fraud and abuse done on the part of the customer. No complicated or costly computers or networks are necessary for online gambling owners to enjoy the benefits of a high-risk merchant account for transaction processing. The service runs seamlessly in the background for both the business owner and the consumer.